Expectations for Your First Visit in Grand Rapids

Chiropractic Grand Rapids MI Daniel Seiter

At Freedom Chiropractic In Grand Rapids, our hope is to make your experience as excellent and thorough as possible. We also want you to be comfortable and know what to expect before you arrive for your first visit to our practice. Our intake process is broken down into two separate appointments:

First Visit

A comprehensive health history will be performed, to allow Dr. Dan to have a greater understanding of your health and how you are FEELING. Secondly, we will perform objective assessments to measure how your body is FUNCTIONING. Lastly, if necessary, we will perform chiropractic postural x-rays to gain clarity on the STRUCTURE of your spine. These three steps will help Dr. Dan make the most appropriate recommendations for your care.

Second Visit

Your second and most important visit will be your Individual Report of Findings. At this visit, Dr. Dan will take time to show you your chiropractic x-rays, evaluations, and you will learn more about Principled Chiropractic. Dr. Dan will then provide you with his best recommendation for your chiropractic care, and you will receive your first adjustment.

If you have questions about how our team at Freedom Chiropractic can help you, please schedule a consultation today.


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