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“Heidi came into Freedom Chiropractic experiencing chronic daily headaches, migraines, and neck pain. For years she tried different pain clinics, which only served to “mask the pain”. Throughout her time at the pain clinics, she was put on numerous medications. Prior to starting care, she was miserable 6-7 days per week. After a few months, she started to see results, and now can make it a few weeks with no pain, and she experiences no migraines! Heidi has seen amazing improvement in her health, and as a result, her life is improved!”

“Dawn was pretty skeptical when she came into Freedom Chiropractic experiencing daily headaches, chronic migraines, and hip pain. She had seen neurologists who prescribed plenty of meds—but offered no relief. After a few months, her headaches are reduced by 50% and there are many days when she has no headaches at all! The migraines have reduced in both intensity and frequency, which is amazing!”

“Russ came into Freedom Chiropractic after we met him and his wife at our Dinner With The Doc! We learned that Russ had been suffering from severe headaches, migraines, and back pain for years. Russ has since had amazing progress! He was able to eliminate his intake of muscle relaxers and migraine medication. He states: “My headaches and back pain are virtually gone and I can move freely without the need of medications!”


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