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Chiropractic Care

At its core, chiropractic care is a natural healing modality centered around restoring normal function to the spine and nervous system—ultimately, empowering the body to heal and stay well.

Freedom Chiropractic believes in enhancing the integrity and proper function of the spine and nervous system through comprehensive chiropractic care. Our practice welcomes people of all ages and lifestyles to experience the transformative benefits of a natural, holistic approach to optimal well-being.

Find out more about our practice and what we have to offer you and your loved ones.

Holistic Benefits

Chiropractic care extends beyond pain management, influencing how the body responds to stress. By improving the function of the nervous system through specific chiropractic adjustments, your body better adapt to life’s stressors, heal, and thrive.

From general chiropractic care to prenatal, pediatric, sports injury, and automobile accident chiropractic care—we offer it all. For best results, we hope to share in your commitment to your wellness and collaborate with you to be sure your care plan is right for you.

leg adjustment

Our Careful Approach

Our primary method of adjusting, Torque Release Technique (TRT), is instrument based. It prioritizes a precise analysis of where to adjust a patient and a gentle correction of the problem area. Dr. Dan offers a non-invasive, targeted approach to chiropractic care, without traditional cracking or popping sensations.

For pregnant patients, we employ the Webster Technique—an adjustment method ensuring tailored chiropractic care to support maternal comfort and wellness.

To gauge progress and tailor care plans according to each patient’s needs as they progress, we conduct rescans every 12 visits. This ongoing assessment allows us to understand how chiropractic care is aiding healing and what we can do to continue to foster utmost happiness and well-being.

Comprehensive Care

Beyond chiropractic care, we are the proud of home several other natural healing modalities, including:

We are committed to a holistic approach to chiropractic care, incorporating various supplemental services to boost chiropractic adjustments. Be sure to contact our practice with any questions or concerns that arise.

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